Kitchen Eclectic & The Little Menter Farm

Respect for Ingredients, Respect for Purveyors, Respect for Nature

Little Stella Primo, Tracy Chapman, Diane Keaton, Angela Lansbury and Dana Scully are the queens around here. In return for lots of frozen fruits, kitchen scraps and all the room to roam they could ask for, they offer back plenty of fresh eggs for pastas dough, salads and anything else.

Our small beehive helps pollenate the exotic fruits, veggies and herbs like prickly pear and nopales, mexican mint, purslane, heirloom eggplant, rainbow carrots, french cornichons - and encourages the growth of the ever-dwindling honey bee population. The plants are fertilized using liquid seaweed - it smells like a stinky ocean, but the veggies are rich!

The gardens are completely organic, and many veggies are grown using saved seeds from previous crops. We hatch our own mantids, lace wings and lady bugs to use as natural pest control, as well as a natural blend of essential oils to keep those pesky squirrels and raccoons away.

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